Holon Solutions Receives Second U.S Patent for 2019

Holon Solutions has been given another U.S Patent which aims to solve healthcare interoperability. Healthcare data liberator, Holon Solutions, today revealed that it has been awarded its second U.S. Patent for 2019. Earlier this year, Holon’s sensor technology was awarded a patent and now it’s event-triggering technology is getting another patent.

According to the company, itsevent-triggering technology and its sensor technology work together to surface relevant patient data for providers within any electronic health record (EHR). It can also surface patient information from third-party sources all without interfaces.

Holon’s event-triggering technology is designed to detect workflow events. It allows a physician to open the chart or referral module of a patient in an EHR system. The technology then causes the sensor technology to surface care gap and other patient information from providers’ EHRs, third-party analytics platforms, health information exchanges (HIEs), and other sources of information that the organization of the provider is connected to.

The technologies by Holon Solutions makes essential information about a patient quickly available to Physicians by gathering data from multiple digital resources. The synergy of both technologies liberates data without using point-to-point interfaces that are expensive and time-consuming. The technologies support the collaboration that value-based contracts need to succeed.

With Holon’s event-triggering technology, providers do not need to log out to view the information of patients on third-party platforms. Since the technology automatically recognizes the actions of the provider, the sensors will quickly surface the information that the physician wants at that moment without having to log into a separate portal or application.

There are a number of technologies that provide actionable data to support effective and safe care decisions but most of them need the provider to exit the EHR and log into a different portal to find information about a patient.

Chief Strategy Officer of Holon Solutions, Robert Connely IV, has said that the company’s research and development teams have spent a lot of time designing, testing and launching their patented data-liberating technologies which are being utilized by healthcare organizations worldwide.

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