Trump’s Tariffs on Chinese Imports will Affect Electronic Devices including Medical Devices

The trade war between the United States and China has affected various industries across both great nations. The recent tariffs imposed by Trump on Chinese products aren’t just going to affect farmers and other consumers. It is also going to affect DefCon badge makers. The team of hackers who intend to release their electronic conference badges at the annual DefCon conference this week are suffering the fallout of the tariffs on Chinese electronics.

Electronic Badge Developers for DefCon Suffer Fallout from Trade War

Badge Life manufacturers rely on several suppliers within the United States and China. While MacroFab, a Texas-based manufacturer is responsible for assembling the products, almost every component that is needed for the device comes from China. Some components for the badges, which would be used during the largest developer’s conference in the United States, will have to cross borders several times before finally being assembled.

The medical device manufacturers in the United States have also complained about how the industry has been affected by tariffs. While Trump intends to hurt China, his tariffs are hurting American business owners and end-users who have to bear the cost. According to CNBC, Trump’s tariffs will cost the average U.S homeowner about $831 extra yearly. This is the largest tax increase for consumers since 1993.

Most of the medical devices that are assembled in the United States have their parts imported from China. Just like how the tariffs are affecting the organizers of DefCon in their production of electronic badges, it is also affecting life-saving medical devices and other manufactures of electronics. Some medical devices have been exempted from the tariffs but the cost for those who import parts is still great.

With no news of the trade war ending anytime soon, manufacturers have no choice but to increase their prices to avoid hurting their bottom line.

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