Rutgers’ CHJL Makes Major Progress Launching Interactive Resources that will Make Cancer Treatment More Efficient

Thanks to the advancement in medical technology, many forms of cancer can be cured before they get to the life-threatening stages. However, there are still some inequities in cancer treatment that haven’t been addressed. The Rutgers branch of the Cancer Health Justice Lab recently announced that it has developed a system that would address these inequities thus making cancer treatment more efficient and increasing the standard of living of medically underserved people.

 New Technology To Make Cancer Treatment More Efficient

 The researchers said that the system will be used for programming cancer prevention, information, and treatment. It was developed by Pamela Valera, who is an assistant professor of urban-global public health at Rutgers. It is part of the efforts by the CHJL to promote the equal distribution and use of cancer healthcare resources. They create strong relationships with communities and work to educate everyone on what they need to know about cancer.

 The primary goal of the study is to make sure that cancer patients in places that have disparities due to factors like racial differences, socioeconomic differences, sex, age, insurance, etc get access to information related to cancer treatment and prevention. This doesn’t mean it is limited to these groups. Anyone can benefit from the resources for the prevention and treatment of cancer.

 One of the interactive resources is a cancer treatment locator tool that allows medically underserved people access medical information that would improve their health and the trust they have for the medical system. Many educational videos teach people everything concerning cancer from diagnosis, screening, risk factors to treatment.

While there is a lot of information available on the internet about cancer, most are difficult to understand and not readily available to every member of society. With the interactive resources provided by Valera and her team, more people will get access to information that they can understand.

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